Strategic Plans

MWPHA 2018 Strategic Plan

October 2018 – September 2019

Align Capacity and Infrastructure

  1. MWPHA will conduct an open nomination process to fill all Board Member positions by the end of September 2019.  (Quarterly)


Build a Public Health Movement

  1. MWPHA Communications Committee will ensure MWPHA webpage and social media platforms are kept up-to-date and appropriately used to inform members and others about MWPHA and its efforts and activities, and public health in general. (Ongoing)
  2. MWPHA will work to identify and establish new partnerships across various sectors.  (Quarterly)
  3. MWPHA will identify and recruit current and future members to participate in the identified standing and ad-hoc committees. (Quarterly)


Strengthen Public Health Practice

  1.  MWPHA will host a minimum of 1 event per quarter. Events include, but are not limited to the following: networking, volunteering, learning opportunities, continuing education, health education, and advocacy.(Quarterly)
  2. MWPHA will host an annual conference by the end of September 2019. (Annually)
  3. MWPHA will identify opportunities for continuing education. (Quarterly)
  4. MWPHA will survey the listserv via the Survey Monkey platform by September 2019.  This information will help inform the MWPHA strategic plan. (Annually)
  5. MWPHA will apply the results and lessons learned for the survey to further inform plans and activities for the current strategic plan (October 2018 – September 2019). (Annually)
  6. MWPHA will identify and recruit professionals and MWPHA student members to provide educational and professional development opportunities. (Quarterly)