Strategic Plans

5-Year Strategic Plan (2020 – 2025)


Strategic Priority: Impact Local Public Policy

Goal 1: Enhance the organization’s infrastructure to better support advocacy work.

Goal 2: Establish a presence with advocacy organizations that influence health policy in the District of Columbia.

Goal 3: Engage policymakers in the District.

Goal 4: Integrate public policy efforts into communications and marketing plan execution.

Strategic Priority: Leadership and Workforce Development 

Goal 1: Leadership Training for Public Health Professionals 

Goal 2: Leadership Training for Public Health Scholars 

Strategic Priority: Develop Sustainable Community Programming 

Goal 1: Develop and participate in targeted events that will serve, educate, and bring awareness to the District of Columbia community.

Goal 2: Host annual one day DCPHA conference in collaboration with other partners. 

Strategic Priority: Develop Internal Organizational Systems

Goal 1: DCPHA will become an organization compliant with the local and federal government as Goal 2: DCPHA will develop efficient processes 

Goal 2: DCPHA will develop efficient processes